KMI celebrates 15 years of aviation

This year we’re celebrating 15 years of doing what we do best, by giving our passengers a warm welcome and memorable experience whilst visiting the province. KMI Airport is defined by our remarkable staff who have a passion for serving people, a willingness to go the extra mile, and taking pride in operating our airport to the highest possible standards.

As we celebrate 15 years in aviation, from the turning of the first soil on the 2nd of July 2001, to the landing of the first aircraft, the airport development took no more than 16 months, a feat thus far unchallenged in the engineering industry. Since officially commencing business operations on the 21st of October 2002 to date, KMI Airport has opened up the skies over Mbombela (Nelspruit) for over 3 Million passengers, affording expanded opportunities to the tourism and business industries of the province.

The airport is proud of its role as the economic engine of Mpumalanga and of its ongoing efforts to lead a wide variety of initiatives that impact the surrounding area. Employees at KMI Airport share a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the communities where they live and work, helping underserved groups gain skills and obtain employment opportunities.

Understanding the power of working together, KMI partner’s with suppliers, customers and vendors who strive to make a positive impact within the community. The management team also backs up that commitment with financial support by investing in programs and projects in communities targeted at improving infrastructure and development.

Over the years KMI Airport has represented a unique partnership with the 30,000 strong neighboring Dwaleni community, which contributed a portion of its land to the airport site, and holds a 10% share in the airport through the Mbuyane Communal Property Association (MCPA). The revenue earned by the MCPA from the Airport has been utilized to fund development and services for the community, such as roads, access to water and community facilities. The MCPA acts on behalf of the inhabitants of the Dwaleni Township and the Mbuyane tribe; KMI Airport makes a monthly royalty payment to the MCPA, calculated per departing passenger and continues to invest its resources in various community outreach projects.

Recognising that aviation is essential to South Africa’s economy, and to the regional economy of Mpumalanga our airport serves as an important logistical node in the region, is an anchor for tourism, and provides a livelihood for thousands of Mbombela residents and their families. The strategic plan for KMI Airport will ensure that long term development of the airport takes place in such a way that it continues to contribute to the economic prosperity of the region for years to come.

We would like to thank everybody for the continued support over the last 15 years and look forward to welcoming you for many more to come. Eat, shop, meet, fly and discover the heartbeat of adventure at KMI Airport… more than just an Airport.