Our Brand & Vision

Doing business the right way is rooted in our people​

A culture of engaged employees is our highest priority and supports our core values of integrity, customer service, accountability, teamwork and innovation. Integrity is our number one core value by design. It comes first and guides our day-to-day decisions wherever we do business.

Our Vision & Mission

To be Africa’s preferred tourist airport & gateway and to provide service excellence to all airport users, ensuring a unique experience and sustained growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • VISION to be Africa’s preferred tourist airport gateway.
  • INVESTING continuously in our staff to improve performance in a highly competitive environment.
  • STATEMENT The airport user is the most important factor in our business we are here because of them.
  • IMPROVE To constantly improve our services, standards and paying attention to detail, monitoring trends within our business environment.
  • OPPORTUNITY Enhance the continuous learning environment by providing training and career development opportunities.
  • NOVEL Creative concepts with unique products and services that will impress & satisfy all airport users.

Our Core Values

  • We commit to live by our values, to care and take pride in everything we do.
  • Conserving energy and protecting the environment is the responsibility of each employee.
  • Our team prerogative is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to deliver exceptional service and constantly strive to exceed expectations.
  • We base our core foundation on integrity, loyalty, commitment and respect.
  • Yes we can! is our team philosophy which promises that each airport user will be treated with a positive service attitude at every point of contact, the management, the cleaner, the waiter, the receptionist, the gardener – everyone plays a vital role in delivering a memorable experience within our airport.

The sky is not the limit, it’s just the view of our dreams limit