Our Community

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Our Community

Working together to make a difference

KMI Airport places a high priority on improving the quality of life within our local communities. The Airport is proud of its role as the economic engine of Mpumalanga and of its ongoing efforts to lead a wide variety of initiatives that impact the surrounding area.

Our employees at KMI Airport share a commitment to making a difference in the communities where we live & work, helping underserved groups gain skills and obtain employment opportunities.

Understanding the power of working together, we partner with suppliers, customers and vendors to maximize our impact in the community. We also back up that commitment with financial support by investing in programs and projects in our communities targeted at improving infrastructure & development.

KMI Airport represents a unique partnership with the 30,000 strong neighbouring Dwaleni community, which contributed some of its land to the 364ha airport site, and holds 10% in the airport through the Mbuyane Communal Property Association (MCPA).

The revenue earned by the MCPA from the Airport has been used to fund development and services for the community, such as roads, access to water and community facilities. MCPA is a communal property association, acting on behalf of the inhabitants of the Dwaleni Township and the Mbuyane tribe; PAM (Primkop Airport Management Pty ltd) makes a monthly royalty payment to MCPA, calculated per departing passenger.

KMI Airport continues to invest its resources in our various community outreach projects in the quest for making a meaningful difference.

Trusted with Tomorrow

As KMI Airport grows and competition for natural resources increases, our future success depends on strengthening and preserving today’s assets – our people, our airport and our community – for tomorrow.

KMI Airport embraces sustainability as a way to protect our environment, support our neighbours and develop our business. We are taking the steps today to ensure tomorrow’s success.

Aerial view of 8 streets that have been paved in Dwaleni. (Dwaleni Road Projects)

Main reservoir with an inlet from 8 boreholes situated on KMI Airport property.

Before and After photos of some of the Dwaleni streets in process of being paved.