Safety & Security

Safety & Security at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport

While we always strive to deliver exceptional service, we never lose sight of the serious side of air travel. Our safety and security programme exceeds statutory requirements. Compliance with regulatory standards is just the foundation from which we work to ensure your journey is worry free. At KMI Airport we believe that safety and security can be continuously improved.  We are never satisfied, and that’s why we encourage all our staff to report any safety or security related issue however minor they think it may be. Our Safety & Security Department review every report submitted to identify further areas for improvement.

Here are just some of the ways we assure your safety and security at KMI Airport:

Airport Security Department

Basic Info

  • 24-hour Security Control
  • Full Baggage Screening
  • Complies with all South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations.
  • 24-hour Permit Control Office
  • 24-hour Armed Reaction
  • Access Permits are required to enter air side. Application forms as well as terms and conditions are available from the Aviation Security Managers office.

KMI Airport Security Regulations

The Aviation Act and ICAO requires that all persons and vehicles entering the airside of an airport, are searched.

There are 3 types of Access Permits:

  1. Vehicle Permit.These permits are issued for company vehicles that are required on the airside of the airport. All vehicles must be registered in the applying company’s name. If the vehicle does not require registration then it must be clearly marked with the company’s logo and identification number of not less than four characters. All drivers of company vehicles must have completed the Airside Induction course or have similar qualifications.
  1. Visitor Permit.These permits allow a person to enter the technical areas of the airport to visit or do business with a tenant and such persons must at all times be accompanied by a permitted person who will be appointed to accompany a visitor.
  1. Personal Permit. These permits are issued to persons that require access to the airport. They have photos of the holders on the front, with all personal and company details indicated on the permit which must be visible at all times when at the airport. With respective areas indicated or duly authorized indicated on permit

For security permits to be duly authorized, please ensure that you have your identification document, passport & driver’s license on hand to ensure compliance with the Visitor Permits Office

Visitor Permits Office

Shawn Niewenhuisen
Security Site Manager
Tel: +27 (0) 13 753 7573